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Introduction: Photo editing has emerged as a profitable business in the last few decades. A good deal of software launches every year to make this job easier. Moreover, you will find there are many online platforms providing the services free. People are getting interested in graphics courses. However, not everyone can be the best service provider. You need the experience to become an expert in any field. Experience comes after investing a huge amount of time and dedication to something. So, it is easy to understand that image editing is no easy task. And when it comes to car image editing the task becomes even more tricky. In today’s blog, I am here to talk about the best car photo editing service providers. Besides discussing the criteria of the best service providers, I will discuss the services they provide. So, let’s get started.

Services you should provide: Becoming the best service provider in any field is a tough job. You have to take care of each and every little aspect of what your clients want. In the field of car photo editing, you have to deliver all the editings that are currently available. Besides that, as a car image design company owner, you have to innovate new patterns of editing. You can research on the popular editing styles and add some new to these. Here I am giving some editing services you must provide as you are providing car dealer image solutions. 

    • Car clipping path: the most basic and common type of editing that you have to provide is a car clipping path.  You must have noticed that the raw photos contain many needless things in it. Presenting a car image with all these will literally disappoint the viewers. The people who are willing to buy new cars expect car photos to appear good. To do that, either you have to remove the background or make a car background replacement. You can replace the background with some stunning pictures of nature or city or anything else. But, of course, keep the background simple and clipping and car Photoshop
    • Color correction and adjustment: As I have told earlier that car image needs to be good looking. Yes, sometimes it happens that because of the reflections, the real color of the car photo gets damaged. In that case, your option is clear. And that is changing the color or having car color correction services. Without adjusting the color you cannot attract the buyers. If you are doing e-commerce business then it is a must for you. Or if you are in a photo editing service providing business then it can be one of your major services. To become a top-level photo editing service provider, you must have some expert car photo editor who can deliver this service perfectly.
    • Photo retouching and removing dust: Well, it is a reality that not everyone has the ability to buy new cars. Car photo retouching service is mainly for second-hand car buyers. Usually, the photographers cannot rectify the apparent flaws of a used car. The photos they take might show the presence of dust in the car photo. In such situations, you can take the help of retouching your photo. Though these are simple editing they can take your vehicle image to a new level.vehicle retouching
    • Customizing car template: the car dealers and car rental service providers need this service. They show their car images on their website. Usually, they do it by making a montage. So, as a top-level car image editing company, you can add this type of editing in your bucket list. Customizing car templates for car dealers are getting popular. So why not grab this opportunity and start providing this service?
    • Automotive photo enhancement: The term enhancement covers every kind of automotive photo editing. In short, it is a holistic term. Every kind of editing is an integral part of car image enhancement.   
    • Drop, Natural & Reflection Shadow: To make a car look natural, you have to add a shadow under it. Otherwise, car photos look floating. A floating photo cannot attract buyers. Using the latest technology in editing, you can drop shadows under your car. As a result, your car will look more authentic and natural.Vehicles Drop Shadow and Reflection service
    • vehicles logo replacement and logo adding: In some websites, they put conditions to hide the logos. They just allow the car photos on their site. If you are promoting your car photos on a third party website then you cannot but follow their instructions. In that scenario, you should replace the logo with some other thing. The market leader car photo editing companies provide these services.
    • Banner or sticky note adding on the template: The sticky notes are used to give short messages. They sometimes show you that the car is on sale. They also show if any special offer is going on or not. Though not very common, you should include this service into your service list. If your customer demands this type of editing you should do that. Satisfying the customer is one of the prominent priorities of any company.
    • Car floor or ground customizing: The car owners or the promoters shoot car photos in different places. Sometimes indoor, sometimes outdoor. Moreover, they shoot in different tourist places as well. So, you need to adjust the car floor or ground.
    • Sky retouching and window glass editing: Showing the car is not enough. One of the common trends of car image design is showing the car in more natural light. You must have seen the car photos with the beautiful sky. The sky is here not to distract but to make it natural and more impressive. Along with that, the window glass also should be perfect. They should not contain any unwanted reflections.
  • 3d car modeling: Last but not least. 3d car modeling is now one of the most popular searches on google about car image design. The clients want to see the whole car in a single photo. And the best way to show the whole car in a single photo is to make a 3d model of it. Only expert image editors can perform this type of editing. If you want a 3D model of your car you have to go to the best car photo editing service providers. Otherwise, you will not get this service. Making a 3D model is not an easy task. Only an expert can do it flawlessly.

Well, these are the services that the best car photo editing company should provide. Now let’s come to another discussion. So, what do you think the criteria of the best car image design company should have? Yes, there are some specific criteria that are common among the best service providers. Here, I will put a glimpse into it.

  • Quick turnaround time: everyone needs the services fast. So you have to provide the services quickly. Delivering the project on time is the core criteria of a good car image editing company. You can charge based on the urgency. To make it simple you can give separate pricing on 6,12,24 hour projects.
    • Using the latest software: To become the best car photo editing service provider you have to use the latest technology in this field. Everyday new technology is emerging. You have to grab that and use it in your favor. 
  • Clear communication: no one likes vague messages. Your communication should be crystal clear. You should not use ambiguous words while communicating with the clients through the mail or online chat. Keep it stupid simple and clear. 
  • Good service guarantee: ensuring the best service along with good communication is important. Assure your customers with good services. 
  • Revision: The best photo editing service providers are okay with multiple revisions of the project. They re-edit the same car image until the clients get satisfied.
  • Working 24/7: when everyone is sleeping you have to keep working. At least the customer service point should be open 24/7.
  • Customer-first: Deal with every client as if he is the most important client of your company. The customer should feel comfortable working with you.

Conclusion: Over the year we have seen a huge growth in image editing service companies. Though editing car images is a separate niche, many companies are starting this as well. Providing all the services using the latest technology car image design has become the best car photo editing service provider.


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