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Car background replacement and car template adding give an auto’s background looks transparent and also place the car on a white background. By adding a car template we help to look it naturally. Having experienced automotive photo designers we offer you to get a high-quality image on your site.Car image displays on the website do not look good when it has a bad angle, spot, and partial display. With the aid of the latest car photo editing digital tools & mostly Photoshop technology, we bring the perfect shape of every image.Along with background replacement and template adding photo resizing and cropping is another key service to adjust automobile images on a website. It helps images look perfect on an online shop. The appropriate method of car template adding save you time making the image look outstanding.

Car image clipping | vehicle background removal

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Car image clipping | vehicle background removal
Car Background Replacement
Car image clipping | vehicle background removal
Car image clipping | vehicle background removal

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The deadline is the major task for any business. With our professional, we always send your done image on time. Previously we have goodwill from our existing clients to meet the tight schedule. To get the quickest we request to send your loads of images as soon as possible.


We never comprise quality. Your business goodwill is our priority, to do so we made a highly skilled 3 door quality control department so that you may get the best quality images. Build up a long-lasting relationship with every client, we handle every image with care.


Quality is our major concern. No worries we always keep reasonable prices and even in case of bulk images we provide the discounted price. Even if you have a single photo or tons of photos we will do work within your budget.

Car Background Replacement at Car Image Design

Photography isn’t the simplest thing in the world. It’s an art. But not everyone is the artist. So, the role of photography is ever present in our lives. No matter if you are a popular fashion model or a cardealer, you need photos. In fact, the importance of photos is everywhere, especially in automotiveindustry. How? Usually, a dealership for autoindustry requires lots of facts and processes. You may have to deal with the used car or brand new cars. No matter what type of the deal is, you need edited photos of your vehicles. And the importance of background removal Car Background Replacement has a unique appeal.

What is background removal?

In general terms of photo editing, background removal refers to remove or replace the existing background of a photo. When photographers click the photos, often they are unable to change the backdrop of a picture. So, the images take a dull look. But with the change of the background, they appear vivid. The photo editors remove the subject or object from the existing background. They, then, paste the subject/ object to another suitable background. Therefore, this is one of the leading photo editing services in the current age.

What is Car Background Replacement?

In this phase, a photo editor replaces the background of a car or vehicles. When a photographer takes the photo of the vehicle, the environment on the back side may not be suitable. There might be unwanted elements, shadows, objects, people, dull climate and more other issues. Hence, the photo editor alters the background with any appropriate or desired environment that suits and brings an appealing look to the car. When you deal with autoindustry, you are to get direct support from edited photos. This is not decent to show some raw footage or photos, even for a magazine advertisement. In fact, if you want to have automativemarketing, you need some of the most excellent photos to allure the potential clientele. The right background change can press the trigger to convince your potential client.

The process we follow

Clipping path is the widely used digital tool in Photoshop. It has numbers of applications. For the background removal of objects in photos, the industry-experts use this tool. We are not an exception. Using this clipping path, we make the sketch of car background removal. With great care, devotion and efforts, we complete the cutting process. Then we take the car or background to its preset destination for adding in the image. The other most remarkable aspect is that we use the clipping path process manually. Our best photo editors manually draw the path and then cut it from the background. However, it may sound too easy and simple but without focus and proper attention, this is a big deal, indeed.

Who needs this service?

Car Background Replacement and Car Template Adding services are suitable for the following individuals and entities

  • Automobile industry
  • Automotive sales
  • Automotive marketing
  • Car dealers
  • Car photography
  • Automotive photography
  • Automotive agency

Why you need this Car Background Replacement| Car Template Adding service?

At some points in time, the photographers need to have various types of shots. They get photos in a number of conditions – most of them not suitable for photography. Later, they edit the images. A similar approach applies here for cars. Through the expert photo editors, we remove the background of the cars. We add a striking backdrop, replacing the earlier one using the premium photo editing tools. In the end, the background of the cars appears breathtaking. With the application of digital tools, techniques, and approaches, the photos editors replace the background. This is an unusual strategy for the automobile industry to showcase the products in an extraordinary manner.

car background replacement template adding
car background replacement template adding

At times, the clients have a specific desire to add backgrounds in their car photos. The expert photo editors and graphic team members of this platform add the right background. As a client, you can also select the image you would love to see as a background. We will add that for you. Finally, the image of the car gets an impressive look to create a sense of appeal to the viewers. And your image can stand among hundreds of your competitors with a positive impression.

Our Expertise

We are one of the leading car photo background editing service providers in the photo editing industry.  Since 2010, this agency has been operating photo editing activities. And so far, the agency has catered to the needs of numbers of clients, globally. At present, we have extended our wing in automotive photo editing. Our expert photo editor brings life to the car photos. By removing the backgrounds, the photo editors deliver what precisely the clients seek. We can place the car in different situations to make it more attractive and visually appealing. Removal of the unwanted element from the photos makes it look sharper. Also, we remove unpleasant objects, reflections, and other details. As part of the background removal for cars, we need to perform some basic photo editing as well. Therefore, our clients have this service free of cost. Consequently, the photo wears an impressive outlook. We know that selling a car or dealing with a used car is a tough task. The potential customers want to have the car details in a visual format even before they visit the store. So, if the car is not sophisticatedly represented to the clients, the cardealer is in trouble. The sale may decline. However, if the car has a striking background, it can create a positive impact on the first sight of the client. And, exactly we do the back-end job for our clients. We remove the background. So, if you need Car Background Replacement or Car Template Adding service, feel free to inform us. Our team can help you boost your automotivesales. The classy look of the background will win the heart of your potential clients.  And, your business grows.


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