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Car image clipping | vehicle background removal

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Car image clipping | vehicle background removal
Car image clipping | vehicle background removal
Car Background Replacement
Car image clipping | vehicle background removal

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Why Car image clipping | vehicle background removal?

Introduction: Most people don’t want to face the hustle of the car market and buy cars for them. Purchasing cars online is what is in trend now. Most automobile dealers are now moving towards online selling. So, the online car market is getting more competitive day by day. A reality of this shift is people buy only those cars that look stunning. And that is possible by car image editing services. Among all the editing methods, Car Image Clipping Services are the most important and common. Today I am here to discuss this crucial service. To know in detail go through this article.

What is it?

Let me start with a short answer to this basic question. Car image clipping services are the editing method that we use to remove the background of our car or automotive images. The image editors perform car background replacement following some basic steps. Now we will know how to do vehicle background removal. The background removing service can be of many types depending on the image complexity. 

How to remove background from car image? 

Well, there are several steps that designers take to complete car image clipping. Here I have arranged the whole process step by step. Here you go.

Step #1 Choose the image to open. The first step toward vehicle background removal is to select the image. Keep the background image ready in the meantime. 

Step #2 The next step will be to select the subject and drag it to the desired background image. You can select the subject in many ways. The most common way of doing it by using the pen tool to clip it. Then you can use the lasso tool as well. Moreover, you can choose a quick selection tool to remove the background from the car image. The size may not be compatible. So, you can press ctrl+T to select the subject and change the size according to your need. Now drag it as your wish and place it where you want to.

Step #3 Now complete the process by refining it. You can do that using the refine edge button. You can find it at the top end. Apart from these methods, you can remove the background in other easier ways. In Photoshop CC, select the focus area. The photoshop software will select the subject automatically. If that is not accurate you can always make a change. Now that you know how to remove background, let’s talk about why we should remove background from a car image. Car background removal is one of the automotive dealer photo solutions. By taking this service you can take your car image to a whole new level. The reasons for vehicle background removal are:

  • Beauty: having a car image with a good looking background is a matter of aesthetics. An automotive photo does not look good if it has a boring, irrelevant, dark, or high-temperature background. Removing this kind of background you can make your photos look awesome. 
  • Create a brand image: The more perfectly you will do the automotive photo enhancement service, the more it will help you create a brand image. Car image clipping is an integral part of car image enhancement. The car dealers always want to build a brand image. They take many initiatives to do that. Car image clipping also contributes to that effort.
  • Increase sales:You cannot doubt that a beautiful image will attract more buyers. As the car is a luxury product, you cannot compromise the look. It must look glossy and luxurious. Automotive image retouching service along with car image clipping Services can make your car photo look good. And the sales ratio between good looking cars and unpolished cars has a huge difference. Of course, the meticulously edited car picture will surely attract more people and more people will buy that car. 
  • Increase traffic to your website: You cannot imagine how it influences web traffic. Car image background removal services will help you to get more traffic on your website. Because the people who buy cars online look for the most visited site. And people usually visit those websites which have a maximum number of visitors. Car images with unrealistic, dark, or unmatched backgrounds decrease the traffic at an extreme level.

Why is car image design the best in the market?

Having worked as an image editing service provider for more than a couple of years, we have managed to provide the services to more than 100 customers. All of them are highly satisfied with the services. The reasons we are the best in the current market are given below.

Expert hand: we have a team of experts who are working day and night to provide the best clipping service. Removing the background and replacing it with something better is a piece of cake to them. 

Quick and quality work: we follow the deadlines strictly. Our team is always passionate about their work and they are committed to providing the best car dealer image solutions to the clients.

Low cost: car image design is always providing the best service at a low cost. We always follow the market bottom price while setting a service charge. 

Car image clipping vehicle background removal
Car image clipping vehicle background removal

Responsible: We not only provide the best service but also are ready to revise as the needs of the customer. No matter how much effort we give, this may not attract the clients 100%. In that case, we are always there to provide a revision of the services.


  • Why is it important to remove the background?
  • Answer: Well, it can help increase sales, build a company image, and help in magazine marketing.
  • Who is providing the best vehicle background removal services?
  • Answer: Car image design is currently the best service provider in this sector. No other companies have been able to beat them.
  • How can I make my car photo look good?
  • Answer: By removing the ordinary-looking background and replacing it with an awesome background you can make your automotive or car photo look good.
  • Conclusion: I will conclude this article by saying some key factors. The car image clipping is the core  service of car image enhancement. Though seems easy, only experts can provide this service up to the mark. And car image design has the expertise to do that.


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