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Introduction: Photographing a car is not that easy as it seems. You will understand only when you give it a try. Your all presumptions may become a nightmare when you go for taking the detailed design, and the essence of your car. When I started my career as a car photographer, I also faced so many difficulties and issues. To solve or to get over some issues you need expert suggestions. As I have experienced this and know how to deal with it, I thought why not I give you some key ideas! So I am here today to share my experience and give you the best car photography tips

Getting started: The problem with trying something new is, we put too much effort into getting started. I would say overthinking or taking too much preparation will not help you. Just start doing it. Car photography is a huge area of art that you will find thousands of articles and blogs on different issues regarding this. But we won’t bother about all this. If you have a car just start shooting photos of it right away. Here I would suggest if you have a ford, and your friend has a Ferrari, take that for one day. Though it looks odd, the subject matters. The better care you will start with, the better result you will get.

Select a location: Always remember that location plays a super important role in car photography. You will not find a car photograph taken at an ugly looking place. Look for the best location around you. While looking for car photography locations keep some basic things in mind. The location should have warm sunlight. But, never shoot at a place that can steal the show. I mean the central focus of your car photoshoot should be the car. Take your car photos which are less common and there is a natural scenic view.Photoshop background-removal

Timing: Perhaps this is a common mistake that car photographers make. They choose the wrong time for shooting. The best time for me just before the sunrise or a few moments after the sunset. In this time you will get the softest natural light of the day. In photography, we call it the rule of the golden hour. At that time the sky delivers a spectacular color. You should choose that time to shoot car photos

Controlling the depth: To control the depth you can obtain the bokeh technique. Just focus the background and the camera automatically will highlight the subject. To get the setting right, set the aperture wide, compensate for a brighter image, and increase the shutter speed. Thus you can control the depth of the field. Moreover, it gives the car photographs an artistic look.

Take photos inside: If you are taking photographs for car dealers then you must show inside the car. Automotive photography is incomplete without photos of inside. Because a car interior is a crucial part that gives a glimpse of driving experience one will have. So, take some photos inside and always try to keep things clear.

Take driving shots: one of the coolest ideas for car photography is to shoot it from another moving car. If you are a new car photographer I would suggest you avoid this. But if you are in the business for quite a long time, then you must try this. You have to be very careful while shooting from a moving car. Keep the shutter speed 1/100th of a second and tell your driver to drive at a speed of 60 km/h. 

Be careful of reflections: you have to remember that you are taking photos for professional purposes. And your intention is to show the meticulous car design. And while shooting you cannot allow something else to overtake that. Say, for example, you are shooting in front of a building or trees. They will reflect on your car and blur the designs. So avoid shooting at places like this. Look around the shooting place. Look for the things that might reflect on the car. Your car is like a mirror. So be careful of car photography reflections. Do not allow those to spoil your hard work. car reflection

Nighttime shoot: If you want to shoot at night you have to follow some rules for camera setting. First, find a place that is completely dark. Avoid places even with a street lamp post. Once you find that place, set the camera on a tripod and set ISO to 100. Keep the shutter speed at 30 seconds and the aperture should be to f/9. Now take photos and see the magic. You will get some cool car pictures. 

Do not shoot at eye levels: A common and easy trap that newcomers fall into is shooting at eye level. When we see a car directly, eye level is the best angle. But when you are shooting photos for automotive dealers this is the killer angle. You just cannot try this. Perhaps it is the least flattering position for the car photo shoot. You might think maybe I am telling this because it is a very common angle for car photography. But the reality is, this is not the best angle for looking at a car properly. To avoid this.

Go vertical: Don’t make your photography album a boring one. Taking photos only with landscape position might become cliche. So you should go vertical. Though vertical photos look good only on phones, if you can take them with perfectly balanced strategies they will be nice. 

Back lighting: car photography is always a challenge. Especially when you have sun in the background it becomes more difficult. Besides that, you have to go for editing those picture shots keeping the sunlight behind. However, you have to adopt some basic techniques to get these kinds of photos. To get the sun as you want, expose the frame. Now brighten up the front area by lessening the highlights and increasing the shadow. To get this kind of photo you can take the help of Car Image Design. carphotoshop service

Avoid using too many filters: Using filters is not bad. They are good to protect your photos from various unwanted colors and so on. Filters keep the light intensity to a minimum level and help photos look good. But using many filters can destroy the credibility of your photos. Sometimes, using too many filters can reduce the amount of light you need. If you want to get the best result you have to use a minimum number of filters. 

Focus of the environment: you must have seen car photos focusing more on the environment and still looking great. Don’t think they are not shot for selling cars. Let me inform you, it is a trend now to keep the car aside and let the viewer grasp how his car will look in the real world. Well, you can take photos of your car keeping it down and focusing the environment if you are shooting outdoors. Take it as a challenge. I hope the result will not disappoint you.

Don’t rush: New photographers always rush for perfection. Do not rush. Perfection will take time to come. Shooting cars is not a piece of cake. You have to invest a lot of time, hard work and effort on this. Otherwise, your dream photos will remain a dream. So, do not rush. Take time and keep on working. Continue giving your best. Finally you will see how you are improving. 

Editing: Photography is not taking the best photos, rather photography is editing. Yes, that’s true my friend. Editing is an integral part of photography. Only experts can do this accurately. To edit your photos you have no other option but going to an expert. And currently in car photo editing there are very few companies providing services. Car Image Design is one of the top among them. Here are the reasons why we are the best:

  • Expert team: We are working with a team comprising the best graphic designers in the town. 
  • Quick turnaround time: We deliver images on time. More than one thousand photos are processed daily to deliver the edited photos on time to the clients. 
  • Experience: We are in the business for more than 5 years and have a great amount of satisfied clients.
  • Multiple revision: If you are not satisfied with the service we will edit the image until you are happy. 
  • Customer support: Our customer support team is working day and night 24/7 to provide you with the best support you deserve. 

Conclusion: car photography tips are something that has no end. However, we have to concise it anyway. The discussion above was about the suggestions. But there is no ideal advice on this topic. As you start doing automobile photography you can discover many things which will be helpful for you. In short, it’s all about the experience. The more experienced you get, the better photos you will be able to take. And Car Image Design is always there to help you with the editing part. Wishing you luck in this sector. 


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