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Bryan Eisenberg rightly said, “Our jobs as marketers are to understand how the customer wants to buy and help them to do so.” This is what you will do by making a proper marketing strategy. If you are looking for some help online to get some marketing ideas for the automotive industry then stay with this article. In today’s article, I am gonna give you some tips for the modern dealership. The ideas that are extremely practical and achievable for you in 2020. Here you go.

  1. Research and Development: Marketing of any product needs huge research and development. Because perhaps marketing is one of the most dynamic sectors in the business world. Every day new tactics are appearing and the old trends are disappearing from the market. And when it comes to automotive marketing, that is way more difficult to do properly. In the auto industry, you cannot predict fully what is going to happen. You have to make quick decisions based on the trends, strategies by other companies, what happened in the previous years, and so on. So it becomes tough to handle the marketing department as a whole. To get every task done accurately you need to research and develop a strategy that will work for you. Make a plan to reach the target. And then start working on that strategy.
  2. Optimizing your web presence: When we talk about automotive marketing strategies it becomes important to start with your website. You have to optimize your web presence. Though most people know these tasks as a part of SEO let me tell you that SEO is none other than marketing. A study result says that most people who are looking for a car to buy or want to repair at first go online for the solution. And most auto dealers don’t want to join the party. If you want a boost in sales then optimize your web presence. Let more people know what you are doing. Marketing is all about telling people what you do and why you do. And the best way to do that is by optimizing the web presence.
  3. Building a strong relationship: Tom Cates the chairman and the owner of The Brook side Group said  “Strong customer relationships drive sales, sustainability, and growth.” He said it after years of observation. Without building a network you cannot get growth. If you are looking for a marketing strategy for selling cars, spend more time on building a strong network.Automotive Marketing tips 2020
  4. Freebie: You must have heard the phrase there is no free lunch”. On the other hand, we all love freebies. That is why this is one of the oldest but effective marketing strategies. Providing something for free with every unit sale can lessen other negative parts of your business. For example, if you are providing less quality than your competitor then you should cover it with something else. Yes, quality should be a priority but this is not under the marketing department. Marketing is all about feeding people with what you have. The car dealers also apply this. Offering something free is a common car dealership marketing strategy. If you want your customers to promote your cars then it is an effective way.
  5. reconditioning process: The statistics of Automotive industry trends 2020 say that sales of new cars are decreasing day by day and this trend will continue in the future as well. On the opposite pole, we have noticed that the popularity of used cars is increasing. So, if you want to grab this opportunity then you must ease and upgrade the process of reconditioning. As a car dealer, you cannot lose this great opportunity. So you should upgrade your reconditioning process. Adopt the latest technology and make your used cars look like brand new cars. Therefore you can earn a huge amount of money.
  6. Communicating in person: I would in Upgradingsist you include this into automotive campaign ideas. Personalized communication should be one of your priorities in 2020. Studies found that the close rate is 30% higher in personalized communication. If you don’t do it, let me tell you some other companies are already doing it. You have to address the customer and communicate with them directly. They will feel important. Personalized communication increases engagement. Gone are the days when customers used to talk with a bot replying to his queries. Now you have to create dynamic and personalized communication with the customers.
  7. Learn more about your target clients: One of the basic car dealership marketing strategies is to know your customers well. You have to research what they want. Talk to your customers and ask what they want from you. If you pay attention to what your customer wants only then you can bring something they will buy. You can do it by using today’s technology. Focus on what attracts them and deliver those things. Keep changing with the demand of your customers.
  8. Decrease traditional ad budget: In the future, the digital audience will reach the mark 100%. And in an era like this if you are continuing with your conventional automotive marketing trends then my friend you will be a loser in no time. As some people still follow ads on TV you shouldn’t stop conventional marketing. Rather you should reduce the budget for making traditional ads. Because it does not make any sense to keep a huge budget for a cliche type of advertisement. Decreasing traditional marketing budgets means increasing the digital marketing budget. The budget should be transferred to the digital platform. You should focus more on social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Tumbler, Twitter, Instagram, and many more.
  9. Taking care of customer rights: “The best marketing strategy ever: CARE.” said Gary Vaynerchuk, a marketing expert, speaker & an entrepreneur. If you take care of the customer’s right they will take care of your rights. Most companies pretend to take care of the customer’s right and their initiative remains limited to the paper only. But as you are a part of automobile distribution channels you should be very careful of this little fact. People don’t buy cars randomly. Cars are a matter of prestige, passion, and dream for many people. So, you should think from the customer’s point of view. automotive inventory
  10. Targeted advertising: Everyone knows how irritating it is to see an unnecessary ad popup in front of your eyes while surfing the internet. Possibly for this reason Howard Gossage said “Nobody reads ads. People read what interests them. Sometimes, it’s an ad.” So from this, we can grasp that most people ignore the advertisements they don’t want to see. On the other hand, people will watch till the end if it matters to them. In this case, as a car dealer what is your duty? Your duty should be to send messages to those people who are interested in buying cars. You will get an overwhelmed response.
  11. Emphasize on micro-moments: Ever since Google introduced the concept of micro-moments we have noticed a huge impact of every moment. Now we know people make decisions in a moment. If you can influence the client within this little moment you can turn a random visitor into a customer. That is what Google is trying to convince us. Now it has become a crucial part of automotive digital marketing trends.
  12. Setting SEO strategies: SEO is the most dynamic thing on the internet. Now and then it changes its pattern. “In 2004, good SEO made you remarkable on the web. In 2014, good SEO is a result of being remarkable on the web.” said Rand Fishkin, Moz founder. I quoted Rand Fishkin here to show how it works. Your old SEO strategies also need a chance to get ranked in Google. As the voice search rate is increasing, the importance of good LSI is also increasing. Set a new and trendy technical SEO strategy so that your website keeps getting more traffic daily. 
  13. Social media presence: Without being on social media you cannot get a minimum level of customers nowadays. Most companies open a social media page for their promotion. Having a social presence is a common marketing strategy for selling cars now. On Facebook, you will get people of every age whereas the millennial stay on Instagram more. You can drive sales through Twitter as well. Moreover, you can get more traffic on your website by answering car dealership related queries on Quora.

Conclusion: Well, I can go on and on with the tips. But I have to stop and this is it for today. I hope these automotive marketing tips help you to achieve your goal. Every business is getting more competitive than before. Now you have to opt for something outstanding to stand out among all the competitors. I just gave you some inspiring tips so that you can go a long way implementing these. Wishing you luck in the world of the automobile industry.


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